Freight Transportation in Los Angeles

There isn’t anyone in Los Angeles more qualified to handle your freight transportation needs than Day and Night Trucking, LLC.. We are a fully licensed, insured, and bonded trucking company – all to make sure your freight gets where it needs to go on time and in one piece.

From the time we load up our trucks with your cargo to the final delivery signature, we always carefully transport your cargo. Our team always handles with care and follows all the necessary safety guidelines. When we began this business, we saw a need for a dependable, affordable freight transportation company in the area—we believe we have filled that gap.

Contact our friendly team today at (310) 256-0978 for more information about our freight transportation services.

Always On-Time Freight Transportation

Being consistently punctual is an occupational necessity in our line of work, and over the years we have developed a reputation for our timeliness. This is a reputation we intend to keep, so if you have something you need to be delivered, we will get it there for you right on time.

Our team of master truckers is route-finding experts and time-management pros. When your package is on the road with them, they don’t miss a beat. Avoiding traffic jams, adjusting routes when necessary, and consistently punctual delivery from our drivers are the reasons we boast the fastest shipment times in the local area—for both long and short-distance deliveries.

Full-Service Freight Transport Services

Whether your freight delivery is big or small, we will get it there on time. Once you get in touch with us, our goal is to be the last trucking company you ever need to hire—that’s how dedicated we are to your freight transportation.

We always offer:

  • Fast shipping and handling
  • Careful loading and unloading
  • Custom freight transportation options
  • Carefully written quotes
  • Exceptional value

If you have any questions about your freight shipment, call now to speak with our friendly customer service agents. They’ll be sure to help you out.

Dependable Freight Trucking

Don’t think because we boast extremely fast shipping times that we are cutting corners. Over the years, we have made our process more efficient with every delivery, all while adhering to the necessary safety and handling guidelines.

During each delivery, we load our trailers securely, using pallets for your smaller items and strapping down the large ones. This is an example of the kind of care you and your freight will get when you choose our services.

Call Day and Night Trucking, LLC. for Los Angeles’s Best Freight Transportation Service

If you need to move your freight at fast and affordable rates to grow your business, you have found the perfect match. Our full range of services includes everything from LTL trucking to refrigerated goods transportation. Whatever you need, we have the service for you.

Get in touch with our highly qualified team of freight transportation experts so we can help you grow your business. Call (310) 256-0978 to learn more. We look forward to your call.